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Configuration and documentation

A smooth operational sequence while introducing SAP R/3 in the enterprise is an important prerequisite so that subsequent phases do not entail unexpected surprises that would compromise currently used applications.

You will benefit from the highest level of service readiness and fast response time on our part as well as a personal contact ready to answer all of your questions and provide assistance as needed. The following are among our key advisor activities with emphasis on the conception and configuration of a system environment:

Global architecture planning
organization and planning of the system landscape as well as definition of all parameters for the entire network environment in your enterprise
Customer-oriented system planning
individual solutions, which consider both the special requirements of your industry and the system environment in your enterprise
use of open SAP architecture so that systems already in place can be integrated smoothly and optimally
Infrastructure and capacity planning
important factor pertaining to migrations and/or system upgrades as well as the performance optimization of the entire system environment and planned extensions
Support with and after the GoLive phase
personal onsite support with start-up of system architecture
Dedicated documentation
we provide a detailed project documentation of the entire system landscape for the IT experts in your enterprise and your external service partners
You'll be in charge.
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